JapanBoyz – Purple Mood – Kaito and Reach


Soft purple light creates the most sensuous, romantic atmosphere for this first sex date between happy-go-lucky twink Kaito and handsome, hung muscle god Reach. The experienced stud takes his time and goes in soft and lovey-dovey at first, tempting and warming up Kaito with kisses and soft caresses. It doesn’t take long before the lean twink is moaning for more. He sucks Reach’s stiff lovetool, gets his own booty throbbing and twitching for a piece of that. Reach slides down to work up Kaito’s cock and especially his hungry hole with sucking and licking.

The big tan Asian stud finally decides Kaito’s ready and starving for some raw cock up his asshole, positions it at the smooth pucker and slides in. Kaito groans and pants with satisfaction, and Reach goes in deeper and begins thrusting. His dick meets no resistance from Kaito’s juicy, lubed-up butthole. Their gonads work in unison like a well-oiled machine, Reach’s strokes sliding in and out smooth and strong. Getting too hot to hold back, Reach pulls out of that sweet ass and starts milking out his load. It geysers out to drench Kaito’s smiling face, giving him the hot juicy satisfaction he’s been craving. What a date, and maybe one of many!?





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